About Us

Turkish Kitchenware is the world's 9th and Europe's 8th largest exporter while exporting to 200 countries worldwide.

Turkish Kitchenware products are preferred by the world's leading markets, recognized by specialist retailers and biggest chain stores for their high quality products certified to international standards while enjoying highly competitive prices and on time delivery.

Turkish Kitchenware keeps pace with latest trends, fashion and technologies; Turkish companies have being actively participating in the world's leading exhibitions in Europe, Asia and USA for more than 25 years and and building up their brand 'Turkish Kitchenware' globally.

Istanbul Ferrous and Non Ferrous Exporters Association (IDDMIB) works in coordination with non-profit organizations and other associations such as Istanbul Chemical and Chemical Products Exporters Association (IKMIB) and Electrical and Electronics Exporter's Association (TET) as well as Turkish Ministry of Trade to promote international trade of Turkish Kitchenware.