COSA BBQ can be used as an outdoor barbecue, oven, firepit in summer and also indoor as a fireplace using liquid fuel (bioethanol depot) in winter which four seasons available product. It’s also sustainable product. It has been experienced by many customers and we achieved remarkable results in terms of customer satisfaction.
* Constructed with cast aluminum body
* Non-rusting Aluminum body
* Collapsible upper part
* Heat resistant paint
* Wooden stands and handles that suitable for outdoor usage
* Wooden leg
* Wooden worktop table for food service
* 47 cm coated grill surface
* Chimney and adjustable air ducts
* Easy to mount
* Weight: -34 kg package for short leg option
-40 kg package for long leg option
* Design and registration owned by Aniva
• Wood leg
• Metal Leg
1. Long Leg
2. Short leg
  • TSE EN 1860-1,Ni-Cr coated grill approved by Intertek

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