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Esma Dereboy is one of the most striking ceramic artists in Turkey. She creates unique artwork with her own technique, which she has developed in her workshop. Every piece in her collection is elaborately crafted.\nHer interest in innovation led her to different styles of ceramic production techniques. This innovative approach made her the first ceramic embossing and raised pattern designer in her field.\nThe brands innovation in ceramics and its love for clay transformed into a brand new product category in 2018. Esma Dereboy handmade porcelain was first introduced at the Maison Objet fair in September 2018.\n\nEsma Dereboys new porcelain collection offers a different style of ‘Mix and Match’ where you have the flexibility of setting your own dinner table.\n\nThe handmade products are elaborately made with care and dedication in her own workshop in Istanbul. \n\nThe limited edition ceramic collections and porcelain tableware are available in luxury department stores, restaurants, art galleries, hotels and Interior design projects.\n\nEsma Dereboy, who started her work in her small workshop of 60 square meters, has now moved to a new workshop of 750 square meters. Esma Dereboys products are now available in more than seven different countries around the world. The aim is to increase this number to 40 new countries within the next 5 years.
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Esma Dereboy Tasarım Limited Şirketi Esma Dereboy Tasarım Limited Şirketi Esma Dereboy Tasarım Limited Şirketi

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