Osena Mobilya Aksesuarları ve bağlantı elemanları Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi


OSENA combined the latest technology injection molding and mold production facility, expertise in\nzamak item production, professional management and technical staff With the experience of more\nthan 10 years in 2010. Then the company decided to invest in the souvenir and housewares sector.\nComplete in infrastructure, feasibility studies they entered the sector with SENA HEDIYELIK and\nDORELINE brands.\nOSENA has moved to its new factory in Esenyurt with 11.000m2 closed area from 2017. They\ncontinues to grow with sure steps and quality product understanding by increasing production\ntechnology and capacity day by day with more than 100 staff.
coffee cup,coffee sets,tea sets,table presentations,decorative items,home decoration

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Bilinmiyor Bilinmiyor Adana, Türkiye
(212)609 33 22