Titiz Plastik


Titiz Plastic, 18.000 m² of factory closed area, 5.000 tonnes of annual production capacity, more than 500 products, We offer our products at more than 40,000 sales points having us meet with end users in more than 85 countries. In a changing and developing world, needs are changing at the same rate. To catch up and keep up with this change is the most important demand of the era. We are aware of this and make ongoing investments in R.& D. for this purpose. We follow-up new technologies. We plan and develop new products and services in line with this approach. Our dedication and determination on this matter has made Titiz Plastic a well-known and preferred brand not only in Turkey, but also around the world.

Contact Information

Hadımköy Ömerli Mahallesi Adnan Kahveci Caddesi No:42-44 Arnavutköy / İSTANBUL Arnavutköy İstanbul, Türkiye
+90(212)798 24 90
If you can't reach the company please send us an email to iddmib@immib.org.tr

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